MarsEdit 3.5.3 でブログの設定の不具合が修正された!

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MarsEdit MarsEdit 3.5.3 がリリースされました。

MarsEdit 3.5.2 yesterday, 3.5.3 today. Shipping subsequent updates a day apart is almost never a sign that things went the way a developer expected. In this case, I discovered a bug in MarsEdit 3.5.2 (and 3.5.1, as it happens) that would cause the blog settings editing panel in MarsEdit to fill up all of a blog’s settings with default values when you opened it to tweak a blog. Then, if you innocently click “OK”, wham, all your blog settings are updated with default settings. Not good.

So the focus on MarsEdit 3.6 was instantly sidelined, and MarsEdit 3.5.3 was brought to existence in the space of about an hour today, taking this critical bug fix and a couple other less urgent fixes that didn’t make it in time for 3.5.2.

  • Fix a serious bug that reverted blog settings to default values when opening the settings panel
  • Avoid a crash when running on a 10.6 system with older versions of Safari installed
  • Fix a rich-mode editing paste bug that could cause unwanted
    entries in HTML

I also submitted an expedited review request to the Mac App Store. Here’s hoping that will request in a shorter wait time for Mac App Store customers. Please note however that if you own the Mac App Store edition of any of my apps, you are also entitled to download and run the direct-sale versions from my site without limitation.



ただし、Mac App Store 版は Apple のレビュー中とのことです。

2012-05-23 追記
MarsEdit 3.5.3 Mac App Store 版リリース



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